Management Consulting

Management consultants are contracted by organizations to provide advisory services in an objective and independent manner: namely in the identification and analysis of management problems; developing solutions; and the implementation of proposed solutions.

The services offered through the management consulting section of our practice will be focused around the following areas:

Finance –   providing advice on matters that include but are not limited to:

• Business valuations for both internal and external purposes.
• Project and investment analyses (inclusive of capital expenditures).
• Preparation of loan and/or financing proposals.

Litigation – working with attorneys/lawyers to develop case strategies, courtroom exhibits and tactics,
and provide economic analyses that include but are not limited to:

• Analyses of economic damages arising from contract disputes, business losses and other matters.

• Evaluation of contracts and agreements for any material weaknesses.

• Provision of expert testimony.

Operations  – assisting organizations to increase productivity by improving business processes.

• Evaluation of internal control procedures and reporting.

• Assessment of cost/price models to assist management decisions.

• Development of key operational performance indicators.

Strategy – assisting organizations with strategic planning for the foreseeable future which may
                  include but is not limited to:

• Strategic planning consistent with organizational goals and objectives.

• Development of management decision models consistent with management and/or  
      organizational objectives.

• Market analysis and planning consistent with the overall strategic planning process.